Painting – Mount Rainier

I had a wonderful time paining at Seattle for 2 hours.

[Commemorative Album] ACM Class 10 Years Anniversary

This 71-page commemorative album is mainly co-designed by Weinan Zhang, Ruofei Du and Min Wang to celebrate the 10 Years Anniversary of ACM Class in Shanghai Jiao Tong University. We worked together heavily for 3 months in 2012. Credits Weinan is responsible for all of Adboe InDesign work and the leadership while Ruofei is responsible for most Adobe Photoshop & Illustrator work….

[Drawing] Cloud – Painting by Intus

This painting is a random work by Ruofei Du on a random night on Mar 3, 2013 via an Intus 5 board. It’s not professional at all 🙂 The author also wrote a random Chinese poem regarding cloud.

[Postcards] MSRA Postcards – Intern Design Contest

Ruofei Du designed several postcards and won the third place (Top 3 Winner Prize) for MSRA Intern Postcards Design Contest. Hundreds of postcards copies are printed and distributed to all employees in Microsoft Research Asia.

[Poster] The World EXPO 2010 in Shanghai Volunteer

This poster is designed by Ruofei Du during his EXPO 2010 volunteer-ship in Shanghai. I cannot find the original design PSD file. The poster was printed physically and carried to our volunteer site. The face of Haibao (EXPO 2010 mascot) was cut off for kids to take photos 🙂 Kids-poster interaction 🙂 Poster Demo Badge I also…

Best Photography Collection by Ruofei Du

404 Not Found in Two Triangles

Here is a 404 Not Found page made with two triangles: Code:    

[Poster] SJTU DC Alumni New Year Party

Design PSD: sjtu2015spring

[Poster] AtmoSPHERE

This poster is designed by Ruofei Du for the AtmoSPHERE project presented in CHI 2015 in Seoul, Korea.

[Poster] ICONIP 2012

This poster is designed by Ruofei Du for his ICONIP 2012 paper on drowsy driving by Illustrator.